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Children´s Stories in Persian


Google News
Reza Pahlavi
Radio Sedaye Iran KRSI
ABC News on Iran
CNN News on Iran
BBC News on Mideast
Human Rights in Iran
Nahade Mardomi
Iran Democratic Union


Ismaeil Khoei  Persian
Rumi  English
Ferdosi  Persian


Iranian Embassy in D.C.
U.S. Immigration


Farzan Blog
Iranian Imperial Air Force
Live Music Radio!


Governor Declares March 21,
Iranian Heritage Day

  Jashn-e Sadeh


North Carolina Iranian Community

Dara Poem
    Let's unite on the following:

  • Secular Government
  • Multiparty Democracy
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Freedom of Press
  • Freedom of Religion

Alexander the Barbarian: Is there a double standard here? What makes Alexander the Macedonian Great? Did he not come, destroy, and leave without any contributions?


Iran FAQs

  • Iran & Persia are equivalent

    Iran has always been called Iran internally. The term Persia and Persian was first used by the Greeks (and hence the West). Persian is the name of one of the many Aryan tribes who settled in Iran.

  • Iranian & Persian are equivalent
  • The I in Iran is pronounced as in EEL and not EYE.
  • The oficial language of Iran (Persia) is Persian (locally known as Farsi)
  • No, Iran is not all desert and yes, we do get snow
  • No, Iranians are not Arabs.

    Although there is a small Arab population in South Western Iran, the majority of Iranians are of Aryan origin. There are also other minority populations within Iran such as Azeri, Kurds, Lur, and Baluch.

  • Iran literally means " Land of the Aryans "
  • Iranians are founders of the first monothiestic religion called Zoroastrianism.
  • Iran has been a dominant world power during many intervals of its long and glorius history. It has also been destroyed many times by various forces during its long history (Greeks, Arabs, Mongols). We have " been there and done that " and we will remain .

What's in a Name? Please think twice when naming your new born child. Names are very important. Think about it. If Abu Ali Sina was named Manouchehr Dastan wouldn't the Arab world have a harder time claiming him as one of theirs? Do you think there are no consquences when you name your son Bob as opposed to Babak?

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